SpinQ Attended the ICT China High Level Forum with Its New Product “Triangulum”

2021.09.27 · Company News

SpinQ appeared ICT China high level Forum

On September 27th, 2021, the “ICT China High Level Forum” opened in China national convention center, it includes more than 40 forums, refer to AI, blockchain, quantum computing, car networking, smart city, etc., a lot of elites and famous experts from different industries come and share their achievements.

SpinQ co-found and CEO Dr. Zhou was invited to the quantum computing forum, and make a speech about “New Progress of Desktop NMR Quantum Computer”. Besides, SpinQ also release a new quantum computer “Triangulum” on the forum.

SpinQ appeared ICT China high level Forum

New product “Triangulum”

As known to all, quantum computing is a new computing model base on adjust and control quantum unit according to quantum mechanics law, it becomes a focus technology commands the attention of the world, and push the “Second Quantum Revolution”, it deeply affects the world’s economy and human’s life.

SpinQ appeared ICT China high level Forum

It is significant for SpinQ release “Triangulum”. “Triangulum” released with well-established technologies, it can run stable in normal room temperature, and it is a low cost, non-maintain product. On the other side, more professional for quantum computing are required, the quantum information science is one of the 37 new majors for undergraduates,

The new product “Triangulum” use the spin nuclear as qubits. It operates and read the qubits state by on RF pulse, and realize any 3 qubits quantum algorithm. With the software “SpinQuasar”, Triangulum can use for quantum computing education and self-define quantum algorithm computing very well. It promotes quantum mechanics, quantum computing relevant research, education and experiment. And Triangulum also has multiple end-users cloud service, users can visit and use this quantum computer by network. Besides, Triangulum provide programming port for users to visit the quantum computer.

SpinQ - New product “Triangulum”

“Make quantum computing to industrialization” is the core competency of SpinQ. The company focus on superconducting quantum computer, desktop NMR quantum computer and quantum computing software since it founded in 2018. Until now, SpinQ has released a desktop NMR quantum computer “Gemini” for education and scientific demonstration, and a quantum computing cloud platform “Taurus”. The “Taurus” connects to some quantum computers with different physical systems, it has linked to an 8 qubits superconducting quantum computer, and 2 qubits, 4 qubits, 6 qubits NMR quantum computers, to provide quantum education tools for university, scientific research institution, etc. Combine with SpinQ quantum computing course, the products build a complete quantum computing educational scheme, its innovative and performance are leading in the world.

Furthermore, SpinQ have cooperation with Tsinghua University, Beijing Institute of Technology and some well-known university in China, the product has not only sold to universities and research institution in China, but also to overseas market like Europe, America, Australia, etc. SpinQ management team consists of some advisers, experts, managers who was graduated from Harvard University, MIT, Tsinghua University and some other famous universities. The co-founder Junting Zhou is graduated from the University of Science and Technology of China, after he got his doctorate, he went to Bruker, a company produce NMR equipment, this experiment establishes the foundation for SpinQ quick development.

Nowadays, SpinQ begins to plan and develop superconducting quantum computer and NMR quantum computer. follow the newest technology progress, SpinQ develops products as “professional, precise, innovative”. The company is researching and developing its first superconducting quantum computer, and will release with 20 qubits in June 2022. This product will be provided to users for scientific research as estimated.


As Dr. Zhou said “For development of quantum science and technology, we must find out the suitable technology roadmap and application to accomplish product industrialize. And continually expand, rich, improve the industrial layout and business model introduction.

SpinQ always keeps inner for research and outer for expand, and want to be a irreplaceable power in quantum computing industry.