SpinQ Accelerated the Development of Comprehensive Quantum Computing Solutions

2023.04.14 · Company News 来自: 无

On April 14th, the third "World Quantum Day", Shenzhen SpinQ Technology Company Limited held its 2023 strategic release conference online with the theme of "Two-wheel driven Strategy, accelerating the future". 

During the conference, SpinQ upgraded its three major business lines, including its flagship superconducting quantum computing system products. These products were publicly showcased for the first time, along with several new items such as the superconducting quantum chip “Shaowei”, EDA software, and the superconducting quantum measurement and control system Vega. SpinQ also iterated and innovated in quantum software programming, unveiling the SpinQit quantum software programming framework and the quantum computing cloud platform Taurus. Additionally, the company upgraded its portable quantum computer Gemini Mini Pro and Triangulum Mini products, which are part of the milestone in creating accessible quantum computers using NMR quantum computing technology.

According to the founder & CEO of SpinQ, Jingen Xiang, "As a one-stop solution provider dedicated to commercializing and popularizing quantum computing, the “two-wheel” driven strategy has always been our policy since the establishment of SpinQ. This means that we not only focus on cutting-edge research and development of quantum computing technology, but also on how to accelerate the application of quantum computing technology in various industries, making it a true productivity tool."

Three New Products Released Simultaneously to Build An Integrated Superconducting Quantum Computing System

As one of the most promising and potential technical routes in the industry, superconducting quantum computers have always been a key layout direction for SpinQ. At this release conference, SpinQ launched three new products around its superconducting quantum computing system, meeting customers' diverse needs by providing higher cost-effective modular units, integrated machines, and complete solutions. This is also a significant breakthrough with milestone significance.

Superconducting Quantum Chip EDA Software

Among them, SpinQ’s EDA software is a Web-based EDA software that aims to provide efficient, intelligent, and easy-to-use quantum chip design and simulation tools for researchers and engineers. By providing a rich library of superconducting quantum chip components, users can flexibly and quickly modify the parameters of components and add customized components. At the same time, the software also integrates intelligent automatic routing functions, which can effectively avoid the tedious and time-consuming process of manual wiring, improve design efficiency, and increase the reliability of chip manufacturing.

Superconducting Quantum Chip “Shaowei”

With this efficient and intelligent EDA software, SpinQ will be able to achieve rapid iteration and process optimization of superconducting quantum chips. “Shaowei”, which is developed based on this software, is a standardized and mass-produced high-performance quantum chip with characteristics such as high Qi value, long life, and high stability. This means that its qubits may maintain their quantum state for a longer time, enabling more computational operations and improving the reliability and accuracy of quantum computing.

Relying on a dedicated quantum chip production line, SpinQ can not only independently control product quality and process flow but also accurately control each step in the chip production process to ensure that each chip meets high-quality standards. At the same time, it can efficiently complete production tasks and shorten delivery times. SpinQ provides both standard chip products with 2, 10, or 20 qubits and customized chip design and processing services.

Tiejun Meng, CTO of SpinQ, said, "After many years of layout, SpinQ has completed the full process coverage from chip design, manufacturing, packaging, testing to chip product delivery in the field of superconducting quantum chips. With its dedicated quantum chip production line, it can provide users with comprehensive, integrated quantum chip solutions, and help promote the vigorous development of quantum computing scientific research and industry applications."

To enable superconducting quantum chips to achieve exponential acceleration in quantum computing performance and achieve precise measurement and control of qubits, SpinQ has officially released a quantum measurement and control system named Vega, which was developed independently by SpinQ. The Mega system could be used by people specializing in measurement and control technology to emit and collect RF pulses with typical values of 4 to 8GHz, manipulate and then read out the state of qubits, so as to calibrate the parameters of the qubits and perform quantum gate operations as well as quantum algorithms.

Superconducting Quantum Measurement and Control System “Vega”

The Vega system consists of arbitrary waveform generators “AWG”, quantum analyzers, trigger distribution, clock distribution, power distribution, and mixer units. Its overall size is about 1.8 meters with silver-grey looking cover. Inside there are tightly arranged 1U module units, making it convenient for system expansion, maintenance, and disassembly. The compact layout allows it to meet all the requirements for measurement and control of 20 qubits while being easy to connect and move.

What make Vega different from other systems are:

  • Firstly, it’s faster in speed. Compared with the data processing mode of CPU, Vega uses the powerful computing power of dozens of FPGA chips for distributed edge computing, greatly improving the measurement and control speed.
  • Secondly, it is more precise in control. Vega's synchronous accuracy is better than 1ns, and its vertical resolution is 16 bits, making qubit measurement and control more accurate.
  • Thirdly, it is more convenient in operation. Vega provides access to the underlying API interface that will satisfy the diverse measurement and control needs of measurement and control personnel. Besides, it has built-in network frequency spectrum function for easy debugging and calibration. At the same time, it supports remote FPGA program upgrades, and its compact and expandable modular units make it more convenient to use.

SpinQit and Tauras Combined for Open and Efficient Software Development in Quantum Computing

As a crucial component in the construction of quantum computing systems, quantum computing software serves as a "bridge" between quantum algorithms and quantum physical systems. For many years, SpinQ has been exploring and developing advanced quantum software programming frameworks and quantum cloud platforms to help promote the application of quantum computing in various fields. At this release conference, SpinQ officially launched its quantum software programming framework named SpinQit.

Quantum Software Development Kit “SpinQit”

As a new quantum software development platform, SpinQit demonstrates "new" features in three aspects. Firstly, it supports various quantum algorithm interfaces and classical-quantum hybrid algorithms through a unified architecture; Secondly, it can be interfaced with multiple classical machine learning platforms, allowing users to avoid the trouble of installing and learning different platforms to complete different tasks; Thirdly, it supports multiple online and offline execution platforms, enabling efficient execution of a single set of code on different platforms, making it the quantum SDK that supports the most execution platform types in the world.

SpinQit and Taurus Cloud Platform support each other to form an ecosystem.Currently, Taurus provides three levels of service. In the first place is the hardware infrastructure, which allows users to submit computing tasks to SpinQ' quantum computers or simulator platforms for execution via SpinQit and online; In the second, an online programming environment where users can construct quantum circuits for experimentation through interactive interfaces and code forms; Lastly, users can gain in-depth understanding of using quantum programs to solve practical problems through quantum algorithm application examples on Taurus.

SpinQit is now open source available, and Taurus has been opened for registration.

Creating A Smaller and Stronger Quantum Computer for Everyone

SpinQ is the creator of miniaturized quantum computers. Three years ago, SpinQ released the world's first desktop quantum computer named “Gemini”, followed by new quantum computers Triangulum and then portable quantum computer Gemini Mini.

At this release conference, SpinQ also upgraded its previous products and launched a new portable NMR quantum computers, including Gemini Mini Pro and Triangle Mini.

2-qubit Portable NMR Quantum Computer Gemini Mini Pro

In terms of two-qubit products, SpinQ launched the Gemini Mini Pro, based on previous products. Compared to its predecessor, Gemini Mini Pro significantly improves the performance of quantum computing while keeping the size and weight of the product the same, especially the fidelity of quantum gates. The fidelity of single-qubit gates is improved from 99% to 99.6%, and the fidelity of two-qubit gates from 98% to 99.3%. This numerical change is undoubtedly a huge leap for quantum computing.

To further expand the application range of small and medium-sized quantum computers, SpinQ also launched the Triangulum Mini, a portable quantum computer with three qubits similar in size to a regular laptop and weighs only 16kg. They can operate stably at room temperature.

Jingen said that to achieve better performance while reducing the size, the company's engineers have put tremendous effort into the development of the Triangulum Mini, not only increasing the power gain of the RF system by an astonishing 10 billion times but also improving the magnetic field uniformity technology to extend the system's quantum coherence time, enabling more quantum gate operations.

3-qubit Portable NMR Quantum Computer “Triangulum Mini”

Compared to other quantum computing devices, Triangulum Mini has many advantages, such as small size, portability, integrated design, room-temperature operation, maintenance-free, powerful performance. It supports 3-qubit complete quantum gate operations, free design of quantum algorithms, classical-quantum hybrid programming, and open underlying hardware functions. In addition, as an educational instrument, Triangulum Mini also includes a complete set of quantum computing courses and exercises.

Through continuous iteration, from the initial desktop quantum computer to today's portable nuclear magnetic quantum computer, SpinQ has been providing users with high-performance and convenient quantum computing solutions.

According to Jingen, "Our original intention for launching the portable NMR quantum computer is to allow every student to have access to quantum computing education, so that quantum computers no longer exist only in science fiction but become machines that everyone can own."

In the future, SpinQ will continue to adhere to the "two-wheel driven" strategy of technological innovation and commercial landing to provide users with comprehensive and integrated quantum computing solutions based on its superconducting and NMR quantum computers and cloud services. SpinQ aims to promote the development of the global quantum computing industry jointly with partners!