SpinQ Attended CNPC Technology and Information Innovation Achievements Exhibition

2021.09.23 · Company News

On September 23rd, CNPC technology and information innovative achievement exhibition was opened in Beijing. As a central enterprise and the biggest supplier of crude oil of China, CNPC held the exhibition for cutting-edge petroleum technology. SpinQ was invited to the exhibition as an innovative quantum computing company.

SpinQ brought their research and develop product “Lyra”, an autonomous-control measurement and control system for quantum computing, and a dilution refrigerator model to the exhibition. They showed the progress of develop superconducting quantum computer. CNPC senior leaders were present and had a deep communication with SpinQ, they gave many position evaluations to SpinQ products and technology.

SpinQ Attended CNPC Technology and Information Innovation Achievements Exhibition

In recent years, quantum computing is more and more popular. It is a computer follows the rules of quantum mechanics to adjust and control quantum unit. It is satisfied with huge, complex computing requirements. This new technology commands the attention of the world now, and push the “Second Quantum Revolution”, it deeply affects the world’s economy and human’s life.

SpinQ is a quantum computing innovative company from China, we focus on research and develop superconducting quantum computer, desktop NMR quantum computer, quantum computing cloud platform and relevant application. Our adviser, export and manager team members are graduated from Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Tsinghua University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and other famous universities. Until now, we already release the desktop NMR quantum computer “Gemini” and “Triangulum”, and the cloud platform “Taurus” which connect to some different physical quantum computing system, we are promoting superconductor system research and development progress, and we continually provide complete computing to the world

In the future, quantum computing will use on petrochemical industry to realize chemical simulation, portfolio optimize, quantum AI, energy structure configures and so on. Use quantum computing on CNPC is a innovative development, SpinQ always aim to make China quantum computer to industrialization, and work hard on this goal