The first “SpinQ Cup” Quantum Computing Challenge Camp was successfully held

2021.10.26 · Company News

SpinQ - The First “SpinQ CUP” Quantum Computing Challenge was Held Successfully

On October 23th, Shenzhen City Computer Federation (SZCCF), Macao Computer Federation, Hong Kong Association for Computer Education held the first “SpinQ Cup” quantum computing challenge in Shenzhen Gezhi academy, 23 team from Shenzhen city, Guangzhou city, Hunan province, Henan province take part in the challenge.


SZCCF secretary general professor Kai Lei gave a speech, he said “we appreciate that SpinQ and Gezhi academy support for the activity, development of quantum technology has great scientific significance and strategic value. We welcome to all competitors, teachers and experts to communicate on our platform, we can promote quantum scientific technology together.”

SpinQ-Mr. Kai Lei

Mr. Kai Lei

The office director of Gezhi academy Mr. Mingda Kang said “In recent years, quantum technology improves by leaps and bounds, it become a new frontier field of scientific and technical revolution and industrial reform. Gezhi academy will explores a new method to cultivate innovative talents, and wish a complete success for the activity!”

SpinQ-Mr. Mingda Kang

Mr. Mingda Kang

SpinQ chairman Dr. Xiang said “Thanks to all players take part in our quantum computing challenge, SpinQ aim to push quantum computing to industrialization, we focus on research and develop superconducting quantum computer, desktop NMR quantum computer and quantum computing relevant software.

SpinQ-Mr. Jingen Xiang

Mr. Jingen Xiang

The chief referee is Dr. Dawai Lu from Southern University of Science of Technology, he led all referees explained the rules, then declare the opening of the challenge.

SpinQ-Dr. Dawei Lu

Dr. Dawei Lu

SpinQ-Participants SpinQ-Participants SpinQ-Participants SpinQ-Participants

The First “SpinQ Cup” divide all participants into general and professional groups. Each team need to perform the specific algorithm in competition time, the final rank will be got according to the score of questions answers and experiment average fidelity.

After 3 hours competition, 12 teams won in the first “SpinQ Cup” quantum computer challenge, and respective got first, second and third awards.

SpinQ-The First Professional Award

The First Professional Award

SpinQ-The First General Award

The First General Award

SpinQ-All Winners

All Winners