SpinQ Debuts at BEYOND Expo 2023, Miniaturized Quantum Computer Draws Much Attention

2023.05.17 · Company News

Recently, BEYOND Expo 2023 kicked off at the Venetian Macao Resort Hotel. As a representative of Shenzhen's quantum computing startup companies, SpinQ was invited to participate in the exhibition, bringing its miniaturized quantum computers.

China Association for Science and Technology President Wan Gang Visits SpinQ Booth to Learn about Triangulum and Gemini Mini

Founded in 2020, the "BEYOND Expo" has successfully held two sessions and is one of the largest and most influential international technology expos in Asia. The BEYOND Expo 2023, hosted by the Macau Science and Technology General Association, attracted global technology innovation seekers, with the theme “Technology Redefined.” Opening speeches were given by co-founder He Jiandong, Chief Executive of the Macau Special Administrative Region Ho Iat Seng, China Association for Science and Technology President Wan Gang, and Guangdong Provincial Governor Wang Weizhong. During the three-day conference, various international investment and financing summits and startup company roadshows took place, drawing over 600 exhibitors from around the world.

SpinQ Booth

At this expo, SpinQ, a pioneer of miniaturized quantum computers, brought desktop NMR quantum computer Triangulum and portable NMR quantum computer Gemini Mini, showcasing the company's comprehensive layout in superconducting quantum computers, NMR quantum computers, and quantum computing cloud platforms and application software.

Leaders including China Association for Science and Technology President Wan Gang, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Vice President Wang Yang, Shenzhen Nanshan District Deputy Head Wei Feng, and several foreign delegations visited the SpinQ booth to learn about the quantum computer products. The Triangulum and Gemini Mini on display also attracted many eyes from the audience.

A delegation of foreign ambassadors visits the SpinQ booth.

Audience members and SpinQ staff engage in conversation.

 As a pioneer of miniaturized quantum computers, SpinQ has made great achievements in desktop and portable quantum computers. In 2020, they launched the world's first desktop quantum computer, Gemini, followed by Triangulum - a 3-bit desktop NMR quantum computer featuring low cost, maintenance-free operation, and high stability. It supports arbitrary 3-bit quantum algorithms, user-programmable quantum computing code, and open physical hardware-level pulse sequence editing. In short, it provides a complete solution for quantum computing teaching and demonstration.

Based on desktop quantum computers, SpinQ continuously innovates, launching the more compact, integrated portable quantum computer Gemini Mini in 2022. It is similar in size to an ordinary laptop, with a built-in touch screen, control operating system, and quantum computing teaching curriculum.

Since the launch of Gemini, Gemini Mini, and Triangulum, they have been sold across five continents, covering more than 20 countries and regions.

In addition to NMR quantum computers, SpinQ has also developed superconducting quantum computers, quantum computing cloud platforms, and quantum software, releasing products such as superconducting quantum chips , Superconducting Qubit Measurement and Control System VegaSuperconducting Quantum Chip EDAQuantum computing cloud platform-Taurusand Quantum computing software kit  to build integrated quantum computing solutions and promote quantum computing industrialization.