China's First! SpinQ Technology Successfully Completes Overseas Delivery of Superconducting Quantum Chip

2023.11.28 · Company News

In November 2023, SpinQ Technology, a leading Chinese company dedicated to industrializing quantum computing, successfully delivered a superconducting quantum chip to a research institution in the Middle East. This collaboration not only marks SpinQ Technology as the first Chinese company to successfully deliver superconducting quantum chips overseas but also signifies the global dissemination of China's quantum computing technology, injecting new vitality into the globalization of the quantum computing industry chain.

SpinQ Technology Successfully Delivers Domestically Developed Superconducting Quantum Chips to Overseas Customers


Increasing Independent Research and Development Investment to Drive the Industrialization of Superconducting Quantum Computing


Due to its potential for exponentially greater computing power beyond classical computing, quantum computing is believed to offer solutions to many complex problems limited by current computing capabilities, making it a vital exploration direction for the future of computing power.


Among various quantum computing hardware systems, superconducting quantum technology, utilizing a more stable all-solid-state system that is easy to manipulate, couple, and read, while also allowing the reuse of mature semiconductor processing technology, is considered one of the most promising routes. Consequently, it has become a focal point for many companies and research institutions.


Within the superconducting quantum technology system, superconducting quantum chips are considered the "heart" of superconducting quantum computers, capable of efficiently executing complex computing tasks.


However, due to their more complex design, challenges in ensuring the consistency and stability of quantum bits, limitations in material processing, and measurement and control technologies, producing a standardized superconducting quantum chip often faces numerous hurdles. Thus, globally, companies capable of employing a standardized and reproducible design for mass production are scarce.


As an innovative company committed to industrializing and popularizing quantum computing, SpinQ Technology has consistently focused on and increased investment in superconducting quantum computing technology. To achieve the industrial-scale application of quantum computers, SpinQ Technology independently invested in constructing a superconducting quantum computer research center and a superconducting quantum chip production line in the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Cooperation Zone, ensuring the consistency and stability of chip processes through a dedicated production line.

SpinQ’s Superconducting Quantum Computer Research Center


Currently, SpinQ Technology has established a complete process layout covering quantum chips, measurement and control systems, software development, and algorithm application platforms, mastering the core technologies in various stages from chips to complete machines and algorithm applications.


In April 2023, SpinQ Technology released the superconducting quantum chip "Shaowei," which is also one of the few standardized and mass-produced superconducting quantum chip products globally.

SpinQ’s Superconducting Quantum Chip - "Shaowei"


The coherence time (T1) of "Shaowei" reached an industry-leading 10-100 microseconds, ensuring more gate operations and increasing the upper limit of logical gate fidelity. Additionally, "Shaowei" can execute single and double qubit gate operations at the scale of tens of nanoseconds and achieve over 99.9% fidelity for single-qubit gates and over 98% fidelity for two-qubit gates.


For research institutions and laboratories, "Shaowei" can play a significant role in basic research, technology development, and prototype verification, assisting researchers in solving complex problems, advancing academic progress, and validating the feasibility of new quantum computing methods and algorithms, laying the groundwork for further practical applications of quantum computing.



Expanding International Market Layout and Deepening Open Cooperation in the Global Quantum Computing Industry Chain


During this delivery process, SpinQ Technology engaged in in-depth technical exchanges with the client, including the design and manufacturing of superconducting quantum chips, discussions on low-temperature electronics technology, room-temperature measurement and control systems, and optimization of quantum bit measurement and control.


Technical exchanges with the client


Vice President of SpinQ Technology, Hongyang Zou, stated, "This collaboration is a mutual learning process that provides us with valuable international perspectives and cutting-edge information, further accelerating our pace in innovating superconducting quantum computing technology and product iterations."


As the first company globally to sell quantum computing products to all five continents, SpinQ Technology is one of the fastest domestic quantum computing companies to complete international market layouts, with customers spread across countries and regions such as the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Slovenia, Brazil, and Japan.


By creating "User-centered" quantum computing product services and solutions, SpinQ Technology has been committed to expanding its business on the international stage, driving the industrialization of quantum computing. Previously, the company successfully launched the world's first programmable desktop quantum computer "Gemini" and the portable quantum computer "Gemini Mini," receiving continuous praise from customers.


Founder and CEO of SpinQ Technology, Jingen Xiang, stated, "We are extremely honored by this collaboration. The successful delivery of superconducting quantum chips showcases not only our technological strength and innovative capabilities in the field of quantum computing but also sets an example for open cooperation in the global quantum computing industry chain. In the future, we will continue to deepen our internationalization strategy, promoting the common prosperity of the global quantum computing industry chain through more international technological cooperation and exchanges."