Gemini Lab

Quantum Computing Experimental Platform

Gemini Lab is a full-stack quantum computing experimental platform. It is based on the principles of NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) quantum computing, equipped with advanced radio frequency technology and miniaturized quantum systems. Capable of conducting real quantum computing experiments in a classroom environment, it is well-suited for use as experimental teaching equipment and a research platform for undergraduate and graduate students in higher education institutions.


Hands-on real quantum experiments
The fundamental physics layer is completely accessible, empowering immersive engagement in every facet of real quantum computing through a hands-on educational experiment format.
Visualized Phenomena of Quantum Experiments
Visualization of hardware functions and graphical representation of experimental data make professional experiments intuitive and easy to understand.
Universal Quantum Computing Principles
The experimental principles are applicable to all mainstream quantum computing technology paths, contributing to the cultivation of talent in quantum information.
Full-Stack Experimental Course Solution
Provide a comprehensive set of teaching resources for quantum computing, including instructional content and experimental guidance, to meet the teaching needs of various experimental classrooms.


Quantum Computing Principles Experiment
Engage in every step of genuine quantum computing experiments - from observing quantum phenomena and measuring quantum parameters to controlling quantum systems and processing quantum data. This hands-on approach allows you to master the fundamental principles and operational procedures of quantum computing.
Gemini Lab - SpinQ
Quantum Algorithm Experiments
In the context of specific problem applications, learn various quantum algorithms through graphical programming and quantum programming languages, and verify them in real quantum systems or classical simulators.
Gemini Lab - SpinQ
Comprehensive Quantum Technology Experiment
Learn a variety of quantum technologies through methods such as changing experimental samples, pairing with peripheral equipment, designing pulse sequence, and interactive experiments. This includes content on quantum simulation, quantum sensing quantum communication, spin magnetic resonance, pulse technique, and more.
Gemini Lab - SpinQ
Research-oriented Experiments
Offer various semi-open exploratory experiments, such as quantum optimization algorithms, quantum simulation, and optimization control. It can also serve as a research platform for quantum information.
Gemini Lab - SpinQ


Comprehensive in Content
The experiment includes the foundational principles of quantum computing, control techniques, quantum algorithms, programming languages, research topics, and underlying hardware.
Open Structure
With visible internal structures and operable hardware modules, our quantum computer provides a unique opportunity to understand quantum information technology from a hardware perspective, making it an invaluable resource for users.
Convenient Usage
With its compact size, maintenance-free operation, and room-temperature capability, experience real quantum computing in any classroom setting.
Stable Performance
Benefit from NMR, known for superior controllability and prolonged stability - leading the way in quantum computing reliability.

Application Direction

Empower various industries with quantum computing and provide high-level technical services and solutions

Experimental Teaching
Translating advanced quantum science into practical teaching experiments for university classrooms, supplemented with tailored manuals offering diverse options and complete solutions for experimental instruction.
Quantum Education
Comprehensive teaching equipment fostering talent in quantum information. It encapsulates quantum computing operations, algorithms, simulations, and programming languages, suitable for diverse quantum education needs including theory, experiments, and research explorations.
Scientific Research Inquiry
This versatile quantum experiment platform supports pulse file creation, data export, and adjustable experiment code. It's applicable for fundamental research in quantum computing or control, and can function as a nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer with changeable samples.
Science Exhibition
Equipped with a variety of intuitive interactive experiments, it's ideal for facilitating engaging demonstrations and self-guided learning in museums or science exhibition halls.