SpinQ keeps abreast of international development and devotes itself to the industrialization of quantum computing

2021.06.17 · Industry News

Recently, ten German companies, like BASF and BMW Group, established the QUANTUM TECHNOLOGY AND APPLICATION CONSORTIUM (QUTAC), it will develop quantum computing to an available industrial application, like technology, chemistry, insurance, auto industry, etc.

SpinQ keeps abreast of international development and devotes itself to the industrialization of quantum computing

As an innovative quantum computing company, SpinQ has the same quantum develop concept with QUTAC. In January 2020, SpinQ release the desktop NMR quantum computer “Gemini (2 qubits)” on QIP international conference, this product has convenient graphic interface, build-in quantum simulation and many important quantum algorithm modules. It can show Bloch Sphere, define quantum algorithm by users. Gemini provides a whole scheme for quantum computing education. Until now, SpinQ got cooperation with Tsinghua University, Beijing Institute of Technology, etc.

SpinQ co-founder & CEO Junting Zhou said, “Our company aim to bring quantum computing to industrialization, we have the same development direction with international quantum filed. Our team is deeply researching quantum computing technology, we want to produce a practical quantum computer, and use it for quantum chemical, biological medicine research, aerospace industry and so on.”

QUTAC: combine and complementary advantage, push quantum computing

At the beginning, the allied member includes BASF, BMW Group, Boehringer Ingelheim, Bosch, Infineon, Merck, Munich Re, SAP, Siemens and Volkswagen.

The Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy departments Peter Altmaier says that, “working together with companies and start-ups we will identify, develop, trial, and share applications. So, I am delighted that QUTAC has brought so many leading companies together to help us move forward in this key sector.”

Face to the future, promote quantum computing industrialization

In recent years, competitions at quantum science and quantum computing technology become more and more intense on the international. IBM, Google and numerous multinational and famous companies increase fund on it, and try to seize the quantum computing market, which will be the highest scientific develop project in the future.

Chinese quantum computing market take an important part in the worldwide market, the government release many policies to support and encourage quantum computing technology. Chinese quantum computing companies also continually improving their quantum computing, and SpinQ is the innovative representative of them.

SpinQ keeps abreast of international development and devotes itself to the industrialization of quantum computing

Mr. Zhou says “we must find the suitable application scene for the industrialization cut in, and continually expand, rich and complete the layout of industrialization and fit to business model.” Except Gemini, SpinQ also has research and develop a quantum computing cloud platform "Taurus”, it connects to a superconductor NMR system as a quantum computing server. According to the technician, the server can realize up to 6 qubits quantum computing, it is convenient for teacher, quantum computing fan and application developer to run algorithm on the platform.

SpinQ has a specific plan to push quantum computing to industrialization in the future. The industrial layout and development are depended on utility quantum computer with superconducting chip and NMR quantum computer. Except chip, measurement and other underlying technology, SpinQ also continually extends to the application. Besides, SpinQ hold “Customer First” as the management idea, design products according to the requirement of users, and combine the requirement and innovative technology to the quantum computer, this will make quantum computing utility and industrialization, to help quantum computer flourishingly.