Talent Concept

Approve we are looking for people who are creative, cooperative, and honest, have positive attitude and enthusiasm to work, and would like to challenge themselves.

Company Culture

We are a young and energetic team.
Everyday, we pop up with plenty of ideas, and prove their feasibilities by our own hands. Your efforts will turn into precious life experience. We always stand behind you and are ready to give you a hand.
Your first half of the life is brilliant. Now we hope to work with you hand in hand for a more splendid future.
Our team will be the ladder to your success.

Let us Work Together for a Better Future!

SpinQ 4th. Anniversary

Company Benefits

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Our Offices

Shenzhen Headquarters

Unit 201F, 2nd Floor, Building B, Shenfubao Science and Technology Industrial Park, No. 3 HuangHuai Road, Fubao Community, Fubao Sub-district, Futian District, Shenzhen



Shenzhen Headquarters