Triangulum Mini

Triangulum Mini

3-qubit desktop NMR quantum computer

Triangulum Mini is a 3-qubit portable NMR quantum computer launched by SpinQ. The instrument use a new designed pulse, which provides a more stable experimental process. The 3-qubit can perform more kinds of quantum computing experiments, meeting the demands of more advanced quantum computing designs.


More Quantum Qubits
Compared with 2-qubit devices, Triangulum Mini can provide more kinds of quantum gates and do more kinds of experiments
New Designed Pulse
The new pulses provide stability for 3-qubit experiment.
Pefect Course
Satisfying various of teaching needs, the courses cover a wide range, and suitable for teachers, students, technology enthusiasts and other groups of people


With small size and lightweight design, Triangulum Mini is more convenient for mobility and transportation.
Triangulum Mini - SpinQ
Easy Operation
Triangulum Mini uses a built-in touch screen for operation, eliminating the need for additional connection to other control devices.
Triangulum Mini - SpinQ
More Quantum Qubits
A higher number of qubits enables more diverse quantum computing experiments.
Triangulum Mini - SpinQ
Complete Functions
Triangulum Mini integrates teaching, experiment, online and other functions to meet various needs of users.
Triangulum Mini - SpinQ
Provide a full range of applicable competencies for professional education
Whole textbook of course
Provide comprehensive curriculum content for colleges and middle school students, combined with experimental operation to study knowledge
Desktop NMR quantum computer and control software
Use Gemini, Triangulum and other instruments to assist teachers in teaching, or as a server
Triangulum Mini quantum computer and software
Use Triangulum Mini to complete the teaching research and basic research, and use for student as an experiment equipment

Application Direction

Empower various industries with quantum computing and provide high-level technical services and solutions

Scientific Research Design
Quantum computing is becoming a core technology of nowadays, which will uses in industries such as energy and finance, satisfy with education and research, reverse the traditional data computing model, and even reshape the high-level computing model.
Interesting Education
The mini desktop quantum computer is helpful to train quantum computing professionals. Through teaching by teachers, students can complete the course, and the quantum computer can design and execute the algorithm, so as to improve their professional and scientific research ability.