The 6th International Conference on Quantum Information, Space-Time and Topological Substances is held: Quantum computing technology gains recognition from multiple parties

2021.05.21 · Enterprise News

During May 19th to 23th, Fudan University hosted the QuIST VI in Chongqing University, SpinQ has sponsored the QuIST VI, as an innovate representative in domestic quantum computing field, SpinQ also bring a new research quantum computing product to the conference.

SpinQ Attend the 6th International Conference on Quantum Information, Spacetime and Topological Matter (QuIST Ⅵ)

(Opening ceremony)

In recent years, build the first practical utility quantum computer become an internationally intense competition, numerous multinational and famous companies increase fund on it, and try to seize the quantum computing market, which will be the highest scientific develop project in the future. According to the forecast of IDC, worldwide quantum computing market will grow to $10.7 billion in 2027. With a steady improvement on the global quantum computing market, the quantum computing company from China also begin to show their achievement in quantum computing.

China is taking an important part in the worldwide quantum computing market. They initiate “Natural Science Foundation”, “863” plan, “Science and Technology Major Project”, encourage and support quantum computing technology research and development, in the government work report of 2021, China improves the strategy level of quantum computing. With multiple supportive policy, and the technology improvement, local quantum computing company are drawing attention to the world with their core technological innovation. SpinQ is the company represents China quantum computing in The QuIST VI.

SpinQ new product gain commends by many experts and scholars

During the conference, SpinQ new product gain commends by many experts and scholars due to its small size, good stability, and open process data.

SpinQ CEO Junting Zhou

“We are excited to receive positive feedback from experts and scholars at this conference”, said by SpinQ CEO Junting Zhou, “while we steady growth in domestic market, we are also promoting our products internationalize process. Our self-research product series has already delivered to Tsinghua University, Beijing Institute of Technology, University of Waterloo and so on.”

In fact, in order to adapt with the trend of market globalization, SpinQ already begin to plan their research on superconductor chip and NMR quantum computing. And SpinQ will follow the quantum computing era development, to research high quality quantum product.